Rongcheng Chengshan Property Co., Ltd., as a holding subsidiary of Chengshan Group, was established in May, 2006 and was accredited by the state as a specialized property management team with a Class-3 qualification for property management and the property managers holding qualified certificates accounts for 60% of the total managers.
  Focusing on building Chengshan property brand and promoting service quality in an all-round way, the Company strengthens internal management and attaches importance to the training of the specialized skills of staff and the cultivation of personal quality while improving and carrying out various management systems in all aspects so as to adapt to the varying requirements of the Owners. The company advocates “First Inquiry Accountability System” which not only ensure that the owners can obtain timely and satisfying answers at the first time, but also cultivate the staff, playing a nurturance education effect, promoting the improvement of the company’s service level and laying a foundation for building an excellent enterprise culture. In 2007, the company was appraised as “Excellent Property Service Enterprise” by Weihai Property Management Office.
  In order to bring more convenience to the Owners, the company not only provides the owners with property management services, but also provides a series of services including garden afforestation, houses leasing, retails of daily general merchandise, clothes dry/wet cleaning and waste and old staff recycling.
  Adhering to the management philosophy of “Amicable management and Owner Supreme”, and in the service tenet of “taking the owners’ interests into full account, struggling to meet the demands of the owners and realize the expectation of the owners”, we are devoted to creating a warm, safe, comfortable, rapid and convenient living environment for the owners living the community. We will develop the sprit of hard working, enterprising, progressing and innovation to realize modernization of management, operation intensiveness and service specialization, and improve continuous promotion of service quality.

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