Rongcheng Chengshan Building Co., Ltd., as a holding subsidiary of Chengshan Group, was established in 2002. The Company, with the total assets of 0.28 billion Yuan and the Class-4 qualification for real estate development, has established long-term relationship with four designing institutes and specializes in the design and development of high qualified and high-class residence.
  Backed by strong fund support of Chengshan Group, regarding building the first living height as his duty and striving to become the local brand pioneer, the company has successively developed Guotai new zone, Meijia community, Chengshan Jiayuan (high-rise) and other residences; the Chengshan Aoyuan Community which is being developed is adjacent to the downtown, is a large-scale fully enclosed high-qualified residence and covers a total floor area of 220,000 square meters. The 375 residences in the first phase project have been put into service, and the 326 residences in the second phase project has also obtained the favor of the customers; the garden house being built is an image product of the company brand, which is built surrounding the central square of Aoyuan Community, is a four-floor compound type, has an independent yard and terrace and is an ideal location to cultivate sentiment and enjoy the nature.
  The company will as always regard building Chengshan brand as the goal and building a comfortable, safe and convenient living residence as the tenet so as to provide a suitable and prosperous residence sincerely for the clients, create a modernized high-class residence community with a high standard, high requirements and high quality and allow the clients to live comfortably and happily.
  Operation philosophy: selling quality and winning by service.

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