Laos Tai hua Rubber Co., Ltd. is established in Lao People's Democratic Republic with a total investment of 100.2 million dollars and is mainly engaged in planting, processing and sales of natural rubber. Chengshan Group Co., Ltd. is one of its shareholders.
   At present, China has become the largest natural rubber consumer in the world and also the largest natural rubber importer, whose demand for natural rubber is in a rapid rise. At the same time, due to the limit of the climate and less space for increase, the gap between supply and demand for local natural rubber is widened year by year. Under the situation, to invest in rubber planting and processing abroad, not only fulfills the industry policy of China for advocating enterprises “going-out”, investing and building rubber gardens in South-East countries, but also is of great importance to mitigate the conflict between supply and demand for natural rubber.
   The rubber planting areas of Laos Tai Hua Rubber Co., Ltd. are distributed in 7 provinces in the south of the central section of Laos, totaling 0.8-1 million mu (1 mu=666.67 square meters). The planned area in the first period is 0.6 million mu and if the production target is reached, the annual rubber production capability will be 80,000 tons; when the project is completed, it will be the maximum rubber planting garden in Asian and the products can also be sold in China besides meeting the self-demand, boasting a favorable development prospect.

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