In 1976, 67 Chengshan pioneers started an undertaking on the fen land of western outskirts of Rongcheng City on the basis of poor situation. With the loyalty to the career, the pioneers created the miracles on construction, production and profit by the spirits of hard working, unselfish dedicating, braving, enterprising, continuously striving for the best, seeking truth from the facts and advocating science, following the philosophies of making improvement careless of any poor condition. With the plot area of 11,250 square meters, the building area of 2,546 square meters and the total assets reaching 480,000 Yuan, the factory produced 5,651 tires totally, had the output value of 1,302 million Yuan, the sales revenue of 1,049 million Yuan, and the profits of 169 thousand Yuan in the first year of its production.
  Started on the establishment of Rongcheng Tire Retreading Factory, Chengshan people have found out ways of self accumulation and development on the basis of great poor. With the good will in the development of China’s tire industry, it has worked hard and conquered difficulties with pioneering spirit to realize four big leaps.
  In the first leap, the factory grew into a nation-designated enterprise from a small one.
  In 1981, with the tire industry was experiencing extensive readjustment, Chengshan was excluded from the designated enterprises lists, but in the face of the reverse and difficulties, Chengshan people have constantly striven for further improvement and sought for development opportunities. In less than a year, they have individually designed SLI200×2 and SL900×2 tire bimodal vulcanizing machines with proprietary intellectual property rights. It is the first one in realizing “Pot Driven by Machine” mode, a great shock to China. Therefore, Chengshan has finally been among the rank of China’s sixty designated factories and stepped into the formal initial development stage.
  In the second leap, the transition was made from producing diagonal tire to radial ply tire.
  In 1988, eight top tire enterprises were got the approval from Chinese government at one time for introducing radial ply tires technology and producing radial ply tires. Under the severe condition of out of the approval, in order to quicken the development of radial ply tires and realize upgrading of tire products, Chengshan people have born the tasks of development and production of international advanced radial ply tires with majority of China-made raw materials and production equipment. In less than three years, it has set up the first home-made radial tire production line in China with the productive capability of 300 thousand sets and has improved its productive capability to 4 million sets at present. Especially, its 65, 60, 55, and 50 radial ply tires with high performance have won two times of Grade 2 National Award for Science and Technology Progress, Grade 3 National Award for Science and Technology Progress once. Chengshan has been the first one in developing and producing Chinese radial ply tires and has established the largest radial ply tires production base with independent intellectual property in China, so it has made outstanding contribution to the revival of national tire industry and been listed among the twenty four key tire enterprises. From then, Chengshan has entered into the period of rapid development.
  In the third leap, the company advanced from the local key enterprise to national key one.
  In 1997, after the policy came out that Chinese government has given support to the first batch of 300 key enterprises, in order to bring the advantages of state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises into full play and seek greater development space, the Group has actively made efforts in the second round of enrollment of 512 key state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises which would receive the support of Chinese government, under the support of the governments at all levels and by the comprehensive strength of the Group, thereby providing a good prerequisite for capital raising and development as well as making Chengshan enter into an overall development stage.
  In the forth leap, the transition is achieved from a labor-intensive industry to an industry of resource, characteristic, service and hi-tech type.
  Since 2000 year, Chengshan group has positively achieved the enterprise transformation through the implementation of the three-step development strategies. While specializing in the manufacturing of tires, it has started production of steel cords, planting and processing of rubber, marine biotechnology, real estate exploitation, technology research and development, ecotourism, hotel management and so on, which enormously strengthen the operational capability and anti-risk ability of the Group to realize well and fast development.

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