There is an old saying in China that “Time goes without stop and the God rewards the diligent”. The Chengshan people achieves better and faster development by carrying forward the enterprise spirit of “making progress through difficulties, pursuing excellence, exceeding ourselves and striving for innovation”, promoting the excellent enterprise culture of “being filial to parents, being respectful to leaders, being friendly with colleagues and being faithful to the enterprise”, adhering to the scientific outlook on development, seeking truth from the facts, keeping reforming and innovating, grasping the new development opportunities, and standing up to the new challenges in market.
  The over thirty years of development history of Chengshan is like a scroll with a magnificent upsurge and a grand and elegant epic, in which every chapter is the evidence of hard work and scientific development, and each detail embodies the unremitting pursuit of responsibility and mission of Chengshan people. The history not only involves the affectionateness and contribution of the Chengshan people, but also carries the support and attention of all social walks to Chengshan. It is the companion and support of so many friends at home and abroad that makes our achievement and confidence possible and consolidates our development steps. We are experiencing industry transformation and we will create more advantages in development through practice in markets and with the challenge of history. Bearing the rough task that the new era bestowed to us, we will mark our footstep on the history and give back the world a miracle by means of the platform the society provided to us.
  In the future, we will, as always, regard honesty as the cornerstone, actively carry out the strategy of “foundation strengthening, transformation and restructure” and continuously enhance the operation capability and risk resistance capacity of the Group, in order to realize better and faster development and build Chengshan into an internationalized company of resource, characteristic, service and high-technology type.

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